Samsung As The World’s Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Samsung Ranks As the Second World’s Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer.

SEOUL – Samsung is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones in conjunction with Nokia and Apple. Samsung now ranks second as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. Latest news mentioning that the Galaxy II as the best-selling smartphone sales reach 5 million units.


Since its inaugural launch in South Korea on April 29, then followed some European countries in May and Japan in June, making the Galaxy II achieved sales with fantastic figures of 5 million units. This phone is a new model that completes the previous model. Currently Galaxy II is spearheading a push advances the smartphone company .

As is known the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world today is still held by Nokia and Samsung currently makes the achievement continues to stick to Nokia. Not rule out the possibility that someday overtake Nokia and Samsung will become the largest producer in the world.

Galaxy II handset will go to China this week and will soon hit the U.S. market (U.S.) next month.

“Since its launch into the market retail in late April, the Samsung Galaxy II has shown remarkable growth,” said JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile communication business, as quoted by the Straits Times on Wednesday (07/27/2011).

The Samsung also states that this week they plan to release a phone that uses Google’s Android operating system, in 120 countries with sales targets to reach 10 million units globally.

Electronics Companies from Ginseng country  , Samsung, now ranks second as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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